Who are we?

ANEMO ENGINEERING was founded in January 2004 with a first focus to service customers in need of special fasteners. The experience and network will help customers to get the right fastener for their application. We suggest solutions for every application. Do not hesitate to send drawings of your project over so you can enjoy the advise we give to you. We will look for the most standard product that will fit with the budget goals of your project.

Language support: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Roumanian

Reason of existence

Fasteners get used everywhere, we get into all sorts of business. Our goal is to make every designer and distributor happy and give an excellent service with the unique product range we carry. And in the meantime we gather knowledge of all these different markets that our customers are experts in. This market knowledge motivates us on a daily basis.


1 Quick & Correct service with on time delivery.

2 Professional help for specifying your fastener.

3 Easy access of specific fastener information.

Our Skills and Strength

There is always someone available for your immediate and urgent enquiries. We guarantee response within 12 hours.

As we include transport in our pricing, we can offer a very fast lead time. By also following up all our quotes, we make sure the LatchLock are received on time.

Sometimes parts have an extremely long lead time as it can take a while to produce. We can offer alternative parts in our stock depends on availability. 

  Through forwarding us your application drawing and dimenssions, we can advise you with the best latches and strikes that can meet your application's need. A lot of parts can also be custom made, to ensure you have the right LatchLock for your application.

With the same LatchLock Latch. We have several types of latches Miniature Latches, Light Duty Latches, Medium Latches, and Heavy Duty Latches. You can also find other types of latches as Like Slam and Flat Wing Latches, Please download our full Catalogue.

24/7 Customer Support 99%

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Better Alternatives


Tailor Made & Multiple Possibilities