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Tension latches provide a quick release yet secure locking mechanism. An adjustable , high-performance latch system ideal for securing equipment parts that must be opened frequently. LatchLock door locks and latches can take a high tensile load. Hardware latches shear forces must be kept off the tension latch by the assembly design. LatchLock locks and latches provide quick and easy latch engagement systems from low-load to heavy-duty lock applications in industrial equipment. The toughness and reliability of LatchLock locks ensure the security of your applications: eg. Door latch hardware, draw latch, draw catch latch, sliding door catches, spring load latch, padlock latch, industrial latches. Suitable for use in virtually any industrial lock applications and with a wide range of customization options available to ensure you get the perfect latch for your requirements.


Tough, reliable locks suitable for demanding industrial applications. 
Multiple customisation options available including key forms. 
A wide range of finishes and coatings available. 
Ensure the security and safety of your applications